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ATTAC's service model

We conduct various types of camps/seminars to uproot deeply rooted vice : -

1) Five-day oral-cancer screening and tobacco-cessation program for both public, private sector, corporate and multinational organizations

Three-day workshop for schools and colleges to disseminate knowledge among students regarding the ill effects of tobacco consumption, emphasizing that “the best way to stop is to never start”.

3) Community-based camps on weekly basis involving RWA's etc.

A holistic model- including presentations, one to one counseling/conversations and QnA quizzes- is prepared to enhance participation of otherwise reticent participants.

This program also reaches out to school children, who are the most susceptible as they fall in the inception stage of this vice, and for whom we organize  competitions, group discussions, and stage shows in various schools on regular basis.

Tobacco Cessation Centers


We have around 5 cessations centers which can assist any one who is ready to fight against Cancer and Tobacco.

These centers serve special assistance and consulting sessions along with medication if required.

Click here to view the list of ATTAC cessation centers

*No specific hospital or clinic is advised by the organization for dental treatment, biopsies or medication. Any government hospital in the vicinity is advised.