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'ATTAC' - a mission with a vision

ATTAC is a healthcare-based non- governmental organization committed to well-being of the humanity by providing a community-based oral-cancer screening and a tobacco-cessation program.

Mission Statement

A happy, creative and healthy human being whose health is protected and hounored in society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and cure for all.

5 AIM's of ATTAC

Spread Awareness

Basic tool to make every one aware regarding the ill effects of
both smoking and smokeless tobacco on health.


To enable and empower all citizens (children, adolescents, adults and old) regardless of their socio-economic strata to quit tobacco in all forms.


We make aware people about second and third hand smoking in children and women. This is one of the most serious concern , we make sure risks and solution is understood easily.

Strategy and Assistance

We provide coping strategy, self help booklets with home based remedies thru many modes.

We have also gained assistance and support from smokers who have already quit and create a group called the ex-smokers group , who pro actively take part in our camps.

Follow Up With Cure

Its one of the most integral part of ATTAC society. We follow up cases for relapse prevention by screening and keeping record of quit tobacco status.

Providing motivational assistance, counseling and follow up by the help of telephone calls, SMS, E-mails and short appointments.